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I was thinking of maybe finally getting a tattoo, a small one. Then again, I always think I might get one but am scared off too easily by its permanence. Before I wanted a simple heart suit on my left forearm… then I wanted that Lady Macbeth tattoo that I had, had commissioned for me. Then there was that script ‘The End’ with the yellow flowers curled around it; representing new beginnings…

I’m glad that I didn’t get any of those though. The first one was too obvious and I don’t much like the idea of the heart on my sleeve at all anymore. Lady Macbeth, though still my favorite Shakespeare woman, was a bit morbid and I don’t feel akin to Lady Macbeth. ‘The End’ just makes me bitter now, though one day I might get it.

Right now, my heart is set on the overlooked but just as equally mad, March Hare; the famous BFF of the Mad Hatter. The Hatter was mad from mercury poisoning and the March Hare was mad from overzealous breeding. He lives in a house where everything is shaped like the head of hare, how freaking awesome is that?

"The March Hare will be much the most interesting, and perhaps as this is May it won't be raving mad -- at least not so mad as it was in March.” – Alice from Alice in Wonderland

But why does any of that matter? “Really, Dee, it just looks like you just chose another character to go with from an over popular book series (I say series because of Through the Looking Glass) Well Gary, lol. I don’t really know personally. In the American McGee’s Alice, the Mad Hatter had done experiments on the March Hare until he was driven mad, and is described as “a twisted form of machinery and animal and is very much in a tortured state by the time Alice arrives”. He’s also the side kick of a secondary character, which I can relate too with any side-kick-to-a-secondary-character in most books. And every time I think of that role my mind always wanders to the March Hare.

And I don’t care what Alice thinks, though the two are blooming mad I love the rude banter of the Mad Hatter and the March Hare from the book. I would actually giggle while reading it. I don’t actually have to explain it to anyone because no one usually understands my sentimental feelings towards things like this.

I was thinking of getting it done on my right breast on the side. It’s not going to be very large and I know the skin will sag there horribly when I am older, but where on the body doesn’t the skin sag when you get older? People have them done everywhere. And it isn’t for anybody else then it is for me, I love art and I love the idea of having a tiny piece of art on my body. I was thinking of having it look like this but having it colored in brown, to look like a water color book illustration with the outlined ink. I know this is just a hare, but to me it’s the Mad March Hare during March ;)

http://etc.usf.edu/clipart/2100/2150/hare_1_md.gif (excuse the hideous link)




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