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On, It's On

4 October
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80's-90's romantic comedies, across the universe, afi, alan alda, anti-flag, art, becky-chan, bif naked, big eyebrows, billy talent, blink 182, brendon/ryan, buddy holly, carnevale di venezia, catch phrases, catcher in the rye, cedric/harry, charles de lint, chuck palahniuk, clubbing, coldplay, comic books, diary, disney movies, disney sountracks, drinking coffee, elton john, emily haines, ernest hemingway, facebook stalking, fall out boy, fragile things, gerard/frank, goya, hairspray, halloween, harry potter, hellboy, heroes, hocus pocus, house m.d., house's crazy antics, imagine me & you, jack's mannequin, jimmy eat world, julie andrews, laughing at the movies, living in starbucks, lord of the flies, m*a*s*h, mama mia!, metric, mike doughty, moulin rouge!, my chemical romance, october 17th, panic! at the disco, patrick/pete, plain white t's, polaroid film, postsecret, queen, radiohead, rent, rocky horror, sarcasm, saying "bff", sending postcards, shiny toy guns, slash, something corporate, spencer/jon, spill canvas, star wars, stardust, staying in shanty hotels, stephen chbosky, tasteful racially offensive humor, tegan and sara, textured paintings, the autumn, the beatles, the distillers, the fray, the golden compass, the graduate, the great gatsby, the killers, the land before time, the misfits, the moldy peaches, the new pornographers, themed parties, thumbalina, tim burton's movies, traveling, wayne rogers, wayne's world, wilsons and house's bffness, writing short stories